Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Sunday of Sales

Last Day of Urban Outfitter's epic FALL SALE.

Go now or forever hold your discount urges.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Back in the Bicycle Again.

Ok. So now that I live in Berkeley, Hipsterville USA, it is time for at home hipster to make a comeback. I'm starting slow, but don't worry hipster lovers, the hipster love will rock on.

Three necessary hipster websites I can't live without:

Free Museum Day (Every hipster loves to wear their skinny jeans and flannel shirts and critique a painting)

Barther Thing Hipsters love to barter, not buy.

ps i made this. a diy dream.

keep on keepin.

at home hipster.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Return of the Hiptsers

Hey kids, We here at AHH have been on a major break. I'd say it was just a long New Year's party hangover, but I suppose at this point in time, that is pushing it. But it's all good. Today we are back, and hipper than ever.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about wall decals. One of my dearest hipster friends loves to buy elaborate wall decals to put all effing over his boring apartment walls, but at the end of the year he has to hold funerals and write eulogies because he is so sad to see them go. My solution? Take epic photo montage photos of your decal so you can reconstruct them in a new space. Granted the cost of film and development, or rather plugging in your camera and pressing print is probably much more expensive, but when you've met the decal of your dreams, letting go ain't easy.

$185 Pop Wall

$30 Wall Candy

even my super hip buddy kim is jumpin' on the wall decal bandwagon--

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Party Like a Hipster

Afternoon beautiful hip people! Jesus and Santa are almost upon us, meaning that New Years Eve is just around the corner. While there are few things better than a night with Carson and some bubbly, the evening just isn't complete without the right duds. So, we at AHH bring you a small array of great finds for the hip party-er.

Be it flowers, feathers, zippers or gum, a ladylike hipster MUST have a kick-ass hair piece.

$2 The Elegant Elle

A clutch is a must for a night on the town. Might we suggest something a bit humorous...

$15 dos de matas

We can't forget antique looking ear wires...

$15 Color Fields

A neck-piece or two...

$45 Glen and Constance

And of course, the perfect pair of shoes...

$30 Toffe's Lost & Found

Just throw on some clothes, and you are good to go. Party like a hipster.

Monday, December 21, 2009


Dear Hipsters,
Last night I found myself wandering my local UO--it is so lovely this time of year bright with tinsel trees and beer can ornaments.
Anyway, I found myself a beautiful pair of gloves. Just what every hipster needs for the holidays.
They must either be ridiculously bright and sleek, or look like your super-hip g-ma knit them herself, either way, they are the key to a hipsters heart and warm hands.

Boopie Creations $24

In Stitches Designs $24

Myste $16

So please hipsters, get yourself, or someone near you some gloves this holiday season, just don't have a Kate Beckinsale/John Cusack moment. K? k.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another Day of a Hipster

Good morning hipster! Today, we will do some shopping at the good ole hipster fav spot--Anthropology. But wait! No REAL hipster can afford Anthro, no matter how sweet their stash, so instead, we bring you handmade alternatives at a better price.

Every chick hipster needs a DIY style clutch.
Leather is in, and let's keep it that way.

Honeybird Clutch $198

Sweet Summer Dream $85 Eight Seasons:

And the SERIOUS must have for the At Home Hipster? Woodland creature pillows. Squirrels, rabbits, foxes and hound, but of course, the number one woodland creature pillow...the STAG!

Fringe Fair Isle Pillow $98

Blue Buck Head Pillow $24.50 Regans Brain:

so get crackin' hipsters!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Owls and Cowls

The current hipster #1 items? Owls and Cowls. We at At Home Hipster don't make the rules, but we follow them, so here are some great owl and cowl bargains!

Make your own sock owl for yourself or your hipster pals with this pattern

$8.50 CraftSchmaft Socks not included!

Or perhaps you and your hipster friends need an owl pullover....

$35 Circular Accessories

And you can't love owls, without cowls.

$30 Hand Knitted Things

$30 Beautiful Bridget

so get yourself decked out in owls and cowls!
at home hipster