Saturday, December 19, 2009

Owls and Cowls

The current hipster #1 items? Owls and Cowls. We at At Home Hipster don't make the rules, but we follow them, so here are some great owl and cowl bargains!

Make your own sock owl for yourself or your hipster pals with this pattern

$8.50 CraftSchmaft Socks not included!

Or perhaps you and your hipster friends need an owl pullover....

$35 Circular Accessories

And you can't love owls, without cowls.

$30 Hand Knitted Things

$30 Beautiful Bridget

so get yourself decked out in owls and cowls!
at home hipster


  1. Hi, lovely selection of items, thank you for including me. I love that cute little owl! Regards

  2. Great post love the sock owl, too cute :)